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Frequently asked questions


What is Field Service Management (FSM) software?

All-in-One Solution

Field Service Management (FSM) software centralises, automates and streamlines the organisation of company resources, including service delivery, contract management, invoicing, stock control and reporting/data analytics.

What is Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) ?

Advanced Tools

A Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) strategy means that maintenance tasks are scheduled ahead of time, to take place on a proactive regular basis, as opposed to reactive repairs where equipment is serviced or fixed on demand.

How quickly can we start with the software?

Nonstop Updates

That depends upon the complexity of your requirements, along with other factors including your need to migrate and/or clean up existing data.

Do you integrate with any other software?

24/7 Dedicated Support

Our solutions offer well documented, powerful but easy to integrate APIs to provide the flexibility to integrate with almost any system, including existing custom built in-house  systems.

How much time will I save?

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That, of course, depends upon your individual circumstances, but a good service and contract management system will have a demonstrable ROI and will simplify and speed up the process of performing previously labour and time-consuming operations.

What reports are available?

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Reports on products, contracts, sites, cost per asset, repeat calls, first-time fix rates, parts used etc. provide detailed insights into which machines are the most problematic, which customers are the most profitable, which engineers are performing effectively and more.

Our engineers use both iOS and Android devices.

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No problem. Our mobile solution is completely OS-agnostic and support both iOS and Android.

Do you provide training?

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Absolutely. Any software is only as good as the information entered. A dedicated Implementation Project Manager is allocated to all new clients. Their role is to guide and support a new client from point-of-order to go-live as smoothly and collaboratively as possible.

Is my company too small to benefit from using your software?

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Many of our longest-standing clients decided from inception that a good service and contract management solution was fundamental to their growth ambitions. We are proud to support hundreds of small businesses, many of whom have grown to become much larger, in part due to the way our solutions assist them in scaling their business.

Tesseract is a trusted solution by many leading brands


“Analysis shows that HBE has so far saved around 80 working days of manual paperwork each year through using Tesseract. I would say that any organisation that provides highly regulated site-based services should certainly consider Tesseract as a potential solution.”

Neil Bolton, IT Manager at HBE

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