Experience the impact of Tesseract's transformative software solution

Our integrated modules are cloud-based, easy to use, accessible on any web browser and can be implemented in full or in increments — depending on the needs of your business.

Tesseract enables you to manage your entire field service operation from a single place – parts ordered, job closed, invoice delivered from one comprehensive application.

Key Features


Job Management & Scheduling

Our powerful call control system is adept for handling planned maintenance and reactive service jobs.

Improve response times by sending the right engineer for the job, every time. This helps you increase first time fix rates, reduce truck rolls, comply with service-level agreements (SLAs) and minimise costly downtime for your customers through planned preventative maintenance.

Plan, manage and schedule jobs faster, increasing engineer productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Contract & Asset Management

Total control and management of customer contracts and assets.

Our fully integrated database of assets and contracts improves service quality, customer care and profitability.

With all your data in one place, anything you need to know about an asset or contract is easily accessible. With everything centralised you gain valuable insight such as your most profitable contracts or frequently failing equipment.

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Stock & Parts Management

Multi-location inventory and stock control system handles stock from warehouse to van through the complete usage and replenishment cycle.

Our advanced multi-location stock control system improves the effectiveness of field engineers and warehouse operators.

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Workshop Management

Repair centre is a flexible and advanced workshop system for handling the complete repair cycle from book-in to shipping.

Our purpose-built workshop tool expedites internal repair processes and ensures that they are in step with the rest of the system.

For back-at-base repairs our workshop enables batch job creation and shipping. With advance replacements and a configurable repair flow you can minimise customer down-time when a lengthy repair is required.

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Sales & Quotation Management

Prepare quotes for contracts, jobs, sales orders and additional works for existing or new customers.

Put your sales and service teams on the same page.

Creating and agreeing quotes for parts, service contracts and ad hoc works is a simpler, faster process. Once a quote is accepted, the information is automatically available to other areas of the business allowing service visits to be scheduled, engineers to be assigned and parts to be shipped immediately.

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Seven different invoice categories including contract maintenance charges and billable calls.

Our intelligent invoicing solution empowers 1-click billing, speeding the transformation of service into cash.

Generate invoices for the work you have done, the service contracts you have in place and the parts you have sold. Our invoicing features allow you to consolidate multiple service contracts into a single invoice.

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Mobile Working

Mobile app for engineers providing real-time information flow directly between engineers and back-office team.

Our easy-to-use mobile solution empowers frontline field workers to complete more jobs in less time.

Engineers can work from their mobile device with all the information they need at their fingertips. Once Saving time and eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

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Customer Portal

Customer self-service portal to access critical service and asset data.

Our simple self-service web portal reduces calls and increases transparency for customers.

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Data & Integrations


Reports are submitted automatically to internal and external stakeholders. This means managers, partners and customers get the information they need on a regular basis with zero effort. Customers can also run live reports in the self-service web portal.

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With Many Benefits!

Prevent Downtime Through Effective Maintenance

Take a strategic and proactive approach to planned preventative maintenance. Our multi-level solution allows you to ensure that essential maintenance takes place as often as is needed to keep sites and equipment operational, reducing emergency breakdowns.


Find out what the problem is before you send out the technicians without downloading any app. See what your customers see to carry out pre-visit assessments, diagnose issues and facilitate device repairs by providing remote maintenance beyond the standard. This is an opportunity to offer extra remote diagnostic services and raise your own service costs in-line with the added value you provide.

Generate New Contracts
in 1 Click

Once a quote is accepted, our quoting tool will automatically convert the data into a ready-made service contract. This eliminates the time-consuming task of manually generating and formatting new contracts.


The solution includes a service checklist to help engineers ensure that certain things that have to happen, do happen. This aids compliance. It also has a facility for their answers to be inputted automatically into a compliance certificate.

Boost First-Time
Fix Rates

Unlimited stock locations, ultra-efficient parts tracking and full integration with the rest of your service chain empowers warehouse operators to get the right parts to the right engineer at the right time. This increases the likelihood of a first-time fix, saving on return visit costs and reducing downtime for customers.

Incoming Calls

Your customers can report faults and breakdowns and monitor outstanding jobs directly through their own web portal. This saves them phoning your office for updates and allows you to concentrate on delivering excellent service instead of handling phone calls.

Get Paid

Accurate and complete invoices are achievable in 1 click. This empowers finance teams to make and send an invoice in minutes rather than days, accelerating your service-to-cash cycle and positively impacting your cash flow.

Maintain Asset Integrity
More Easily

Full visibility of everything that happens during the repair cycle gives you more control over the integrity of your customers’ assets. When an item is sent for repair, its movements and status are fully tracked and monitored so that you always know what it is, where it is and whether it has been changed, upgraded or discarded. Assets and parts can move seamlessly between the field and the workshop.


Our solutions offer well documented, powerful but easy to integrate APIs to provide the flexibility to integrate with almost any system, including existing custom built in-house systems.

Tesseract is a trusted solution by many leading brands


“We have a huge volume of preventative maintenance calls and, thanks to Tesseract, we don’t miss any of them. We have a lot more control over planning than we ever used to and, as a result, our percentage of overdue calls is extremely low.”

Mick Bradley, Regional Service Manager – UK and Northern Europe for Welbilt

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