Data & Integrations

Integrating Tesseract into your business ecosystem can help to streamline business processes and maximise results.

Tesseract collaborate with a network of elite companies, ensuring we are in constant development and are innovating new solutions. Thanks to our partners, we can deliver the market’s best solutions and integrations to help our customers lower costs, and increase productivity and sales. 

Our API provides the flexibility to integrate with almost any system, from ERP, CRM and accounting to custom built in-house systems we make it easy to automate data collection and deliver a seamless flow of information across your business.


Tesseract work with a wide range of marketing leading providers to streamline the flow of information across your business, including

Tesseract is a trusted solution by many leading brands


“Now everyone has access to the reports they need on a regular basis. The fact that our data is centralised means that reports are compiled with a minimum of effort.”

Nigel Walters, Technical Services Controller at Meiko

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