Sales & Quotation Management

Prepare quotes for contracts, jobs, sales orders and additional works for existing or new customers.

Put your sales and service teams on the same page.

Creating and agreeing quotes for parts, service contracts and ad hoc works is a simpler, faster process. Once a quote is accepted, the information is automatically available to other areas of the business allowing service visits to be scheduled, engineers to be assigned and parts to be shipped immediately.


Tesseract is a trusted solution by many leading brands


“We used to have to input all the information about the customer and the asset manually each time a new quote was raised. With Tesseract, 70% of the data is already there, saving our salespeople 10-15 minutes per quote. This is having a huge and welcome impact on our productivity, particularly given how many quotes we have to do.”

Nigel Walters, Technical Services Controller at Meiko

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