EPoS Maintenance Software

Tesseract’s EPoS Maintenance Software ensures that your Electronic Point of Sale systems are maintained to provide exceptional efficiency and reliability. Designed to address the specific needs of companies that service the retail and hospitality businesses, our software streamlines the maintenance process, ensuring that your EPoS systems remain operational and effective. 


Our solution offers features such as tracking of maintenance schedules, rapid response to service requests, and comprehensive logging of all service interactions. With over 35 years of experience in service management, Tesseract brings a deep understanding of the challenges faced in maintaining EPoS systems. Our commitment to service excellence ensures that our software not only meets but exceeds your maintenance needs. 

 Choose Tesseract’s EPoS Maintenance Software for a seamless, efficient, and reliable approach to maintaining your vital point of sale systems, empowering your business to deliver consistent and exceptional customer service. 

EPoS Maintenance Software Benefits

Prevent Downtime Through Effective Maintenance

Take a strategic and proactive approach to planned preventative maintenance. Our multi-level solution allows you to ensure that essential maintenance takes place as often as is needed to keep sites and equipment operational, reducing emergency breakdowns.

Guarantee Compliance

The solution includes a service checklist to help engineers ensure that certain things that have to happen, do happen. This aids compliance. It also has a facility for their answers to be inputted automatically into a compliance certificate.


Boost First-Time
Fix Rates

Unlimited stock locations, ultra-efficient parts tracking and full integration with the rest of your service chain empowers warehouse operators to get the right parts to the right engineer at the right time. This increases the likelihood of a first-time fix, saving on return visit costs and reducing downtime for customers.

Tesseract is a trusted solution by many leading brands


"The automation and efficiency Tesseract brings to our operations are like having an extra team member dedicated to ensuring our processes run smoothly."

Mark Kenyon, Managing Director of SCS Technologies

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