Fire Alarm Maintenance Software

Tesseract’s Fire Alarm Maintenance Software provides a comprehensive solution for managing the upkeep and servicing of fire alarm systems. Specifically designed for fire safety professionals, our software streamlines maintenance operations through detailed job tracking, automated scheduling, and proactive management of service tasks. 


With over 35 years of experience in service management, Tesseract recognises the critical importance of maintaining fire alarm systems to ensure the safety and protection of people and property. Our software facilitates prompt responses to service requests, meticulous logging of maintenance activities, and efficient handling of service agreements. 

Opt for Tesseract’s Fire Alarm Maintenance Software to enhance your operational efficiency, minimise system downtime, and ensure the reliability of your fire alarm systems. Empower your safety operations with a solution that prioritises precision, reliability, and optimal performance. 

Fire Alarm Maintenance Software Benefits

Prevent Downtime Through Effective Maintenance

Take a strategic and proactive approach to planned preventative maintenance. Our multi-level solution allows you to ensure that essential maintenance takes place as often as is needed to keep sites and equipment operational, reducing emergency breakdowns.

Guarantee Compliance

The solution includes a service checklist to help engineers ensure that certain things that have to happen, do happen. This aids compliance. It also has a facility for their answers to be inputted automatically into a compliance certificate.


Boost First-Time
Fix Rates

Unlimited stock locations, ultra-efficient parts tracking and full integration with the rest of your service chain empowers warehouse operators to get the right parts to the right engineer at the right time. This increases the likelihood of a first-time fix, saving on return visit costs and reducing downtime for customers.

Here’s how some of our customers have transformed their businesses in partnership with Tesseract.

Tesseract customer - Cryptex
Security & Fire Protection

Cryptex Security

Tesseract Helps Cryptex Security Digitally Transform

Tesseract has brought about a digital transformation at Cryptex Security, a London-based specialist in home and business security systems. This has not just enabled the company to go paperless, reduce admin staff and acquire a competing business.
Security & Fire Protection
Technology & Media Systems

SCCI Alphatrack

Tesseract Helps Manage 195,000 Sites For SCCI Alphatrack

For fourteen years technological giant SCCI Alphatrack has relied on Asolvi’s field service management software to run a lean, fit and growing operation.
Technology & Media Systems
Security & Fire Protection

SCS Technologies

Success Story: How SCS Technologies transformed their business operation with Tesseract

Discover how they achieved exceptional growth and efficiency with their 20-year partnership with Tesseract. Learn how they optimised operations and leveraged technology to stay ahead in a competitive market.
Tesseract customer - Cryptex

Tesseract Helps Cryptex Security Digitally Transform


Tesseract has brought about a digital transformation at Cryptex Security, a London-based specialist in home and business security systems. This has not just enabled the company to go paperless, reduce admin staff and acquire a competing business. It’s also let co-founder and finance director Ian Zeff fulfill a lifelong dream to live and work abroad.

Cryptex specialises in harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to make people and buildings safer. Its intruder alarms, access control and CCTV systems are embedded with sensors and software that enable them to interact with each other via the internet and are capable of being controlled by computer or smartphone. This provides occupiers with more extensive and comprehensive security as well as greater ease and flexibility in how they use it.

Maintenance in this industry is more important than in any other because of the disastrous implications of a security system going down. IoT technology is vulnerable to cyber threats as well as physical threats, which is why the maintenance of smart security systems has to be intensive and meticulous. It also means that providers need a foolproof maintenance management system to ensure not just that nothing falls through the cracks, but that there are no cracks.

Cryptex operates rigorous preventative and corrective maintenance programmes on all security assets, both on-site and, leveraging its IoT capabilities, remotely. Since April 2016, all of these programmes have been managed through Tesseract which Cryptex chose over several market-specific options.

Going Paperless

One of the reasons Cryptex chose Tesseract was because it wanted to automate its service processes, including workforce management and invoicing, and go paperless.

“The efficiency gains we’ve made since implementing Tesseract are radical,” says Ian Zeff. “We’re now completely paperless. Our printing and postage costs are zero. And being in the security industry, we used to have to do huge amounts of shredding. Now we do none. The fact that there’s no wastage has made Cryptex much greener.”

The elimination of paperwork also enabled Cryptex to swap an administrative staff member for a new engineer. “Thanks to Tesseract, we no longer needed a junior administrator doing filing, printing, posting etc. This meant we could employ another field engineer in their place. And engineers are our bread and butter. The work they do is our business. So having an extra engineer on our books is enabling us to do more work and bring in additional revenue.”

The Power To Scale Up

Tesseract has given Cryptex the power to grow, something that its old, manual, paper-driven service management system would have made too difficult. It’s partly because the efficiency gains that come with Tesseract cut out a lot of administrative red tape when taking on new customers, contracts and workers. It’s also because of how easy it is to input new data and users into the Tesseract system.

“In May 2018, we purchased a local competitor, Henry Gates Security Services,” says Ian. “Tesseract gave us the power to make this acquisition, because of how easy it was to input data and users and get visibility of the new company straight away. We were able to take on nearly 700 new contracts instantly. The integration process was a breeze.”

A More Enjoyable Work Life

Since implementing Tesseract, the most exciting change for Ian personally is that he’s moved abroad and performs all his management responsibilities remotely.

“My favourite thing about working with Tesseract is that they’ve helped me emigrate!” he says. “It was always a dream of mine to move to Israel. Now I can be in the office without physically being in the office. The fact that our data is in the cloud, our processes are automated and everyone’s connected via a central point has made that possible.”

The rest of the people at Cryptex are also experiencing radically improved working conditions. Ian explains, “Our staff no longer have to get up and walk to a cabinet, check a file, find that something’s missing and have to look for it, wait for things to print, deal with printer jams, stick things in the post, lick envelopes. Now each person is at his or her desk driving the business forwards with a few clicks of the mouse. And our engineers are happier too. They loathed paperwork and having to lug around files. Now they have everything they need on their phones and it means we’re not chasing them for forms and timesheets.”

Ian continues, “The way Tesseract has changed our service operation is nothing short of the digital transformation that everyone in the industry is talking about. The automation, the mobility and the seamless lines of communication between us all — it’s exactly what digital transformation is all about.”

Automated Scheduling For Customers

A new development at Cryptex is about to make its people’s lives even easier. The company will soon adopt the Tesseract customer service portal, which gives customers direct access to the Tesseract system. They will be able to log incidents, monitor progress and escalation, and run reports. They will also be able to use Tesseract’s automated scheduling functionality to book appointments directly through the portal. This is a new feature and something that many field service management software providers don’t offer.

Ian explains, “Now that we’ve got the bug for automation and making everything run faster and slicker, we wanted to foster a culture of customers booking their own service visits. At the moment we have to tell customers when maintenance is due and book the visits ourselves. With the new functionality, when maintenances become due, customers will receive an automated email telling them to book their appointment through the portal or call the office, in that order. This will save even more time for our office staff and give customers more control over their service needs.”

Forward-Thinking Development

Asolvi is committed to strengthening and adding to its solutions in an effort to make field service operations, particularly those of SMEs, faster and smarter. Ian says, “What I like about working with Tesseract is that they’re looking to drive their business forwards and continually refine what they offer. This can only be a good thing for customers.”

Tesseract customer - SCCI Alphatrack

Tesseract Helps Manage 195,000 Sites For SCCI Alphatrack

For fourteen years technological giant SCCI Alphatrack has relied on Tesseract’s field service management software to run a lean, fit and growing operation. Today periodic and reactive maintenance for over 195,000 customer sites falls within the remit of  Tesseract.

SCCI Alphatrack is one of the leading providers of TV, media, security and life safety systems in the UK. These include multi-point TV systems, access control, CCTV, fire and smoke protection, emergency lighting and a wide array of internet access solutions. The company’s clientele ranges from Premier Inn and Center Parcs to Ladbrokes and HM Prison Service, along with numerous housing authorities, developers and financial institutions.

Pre-2003, SCCI Alphatrack used a cumbersome, manual and paper-heavy system to run its operations. In order to move forward, the company sought out a streamlined system that could take care of everything – customer records, call control, scheduling, engineer reporting and invoicing – and found Tesseract.

An All-Encompassing System - With Some Helpful Integrations

Since 2003, SCCI Alphatrack has managed installations and maintenance work using the various integrated modules that make up Tesseract, including Customer Assets, Call Control, Remote Engineer Access and Parts Centre. The system enables customer, contract and site data to be compiled and managed; materials to be distributed to engineers in the field and stock to be replenished; and engineers to log in remotely and generate service reports. More recently, SCCI Alphatrack has incorporated the Remote Customer Access module, enabling customers to log in, report faults and track progress and response times.

SCCI Alphatrack uses non-Tesseract systems for accounting, customer relationship management and time recording. Tesseract has provided various interfaces so that Tesseract can communicate with and feed data to these systems. This has eradicated several error-prone manual processes and allowed the company to run a seamless operation.

“With over 195,000 sites to look after, managing our data and service work would be a real challenge if it wasn’t for Tesseract.”


Health And Safety Management

One of the priorities for SCCI Alphatrack is the health and safety of its engineers who are often working at height or in dangerous areas. Therefore, managing and maintaining the vehicles and equipment they use is of the utmost importance. Originally, equipment inspections were paper-based processes. Last year, SCCI Alphatrack decided to bring its inspections activities under the same umbrella as its service work: Tesseract.

“Our inspections management has now gone completely paperless. Before, there was scope for error or records going missing. We are now treating our kit and vehicle inspections like any other planned maintenance work we do for our customers. We schedule inspections so that they appear in engineers’ diaries and can be actioned. This creates a central electronic record and helps us keep our equipment safe and in proper working order.”

SCCI Alphatrack also monitors health and safety by way of Tesseract’s Checklist System. This is a custom-built list of questions that an engineer will need to answer before he or she can proceed with a job, e.g. are you signed in; are you working at height; have you got the right equipment; does your equipment need inspecting; and so on. The client sets the questions and the Tesseract system configures them to respond dynamically to the user, so that how a question is answered determines what question comes next. The Checklist System is designed to enable service organisations to adhere to their health and safety obligations.

A Flexible And Secure System

SCCI Alphatrack has experienced powerful efficiency gains since implementing Tesseract, which is why their partnership remains so strong fourteen years on.

Richard Spencer explains, “Tesseract has been a key part of our business process. By replacing our manual and paper-based procedures, it has enabled us to grow the business without taking on additional staff. From our customers’ point of view, they can rest easy knowing that we have a flexible and secure system in place to manage their information safely.

Tesseract customer - SCS Technologies

Success Story: How SCS Technologies transformed their business operation with Tesseract


In the competitive field of tech installation and maintenance, SCS Technologies stands out as a success story of growth and innovation. Under the leadership of Managing Director Mark Kenyon, this UK-based company have expanded from a one-person operation to a multi-disciplinary team of 60 employees over the last 33 years. A significant factor in their impressive growth, including 7 years of consistent 10-20% increase in turnover, is their 20-year strategic partnership with Tesseract. This case study explores SCS Technologies’ journey with Tesseract, highlighting how this partnership has been instrumental in their expansion and operational efficiency.

Challenges and Growth

SCS Technologies, like many expanding businesses, have faced an increasing challenge in sourcing skilled engineers across the UK. As demand for their services grew, the need for an efficient system to maximise engineer productivity became critical. The company, an early adopter of technology, recognised the potential of Tesseract to streamline their operations. However, as is often the case after many years of expansion and evolution within a business they realised they were not leveraging the full capabilities of the software, particularly in areas like contract management and warehouse optimisation.

Strategic Optimisation with Tesseract

The turning point for SCS Technologies came when they decided to re-evaluate their use of Tesseract. Engaging with a Tesseract consultant, they embarked on a ten-day deep dive to optimise every aspect of their business operations. This process led to significant improvements in warehouse management, stock control, and the automation of back-office functions.

This structured process saw Tesseract evolve from a basic operational tool into a principal component of SCS Technologies’ business strategy. It now functions as their ‘single source of truth’ database and has become a unique selling proposition (USP) for SCS in an increasingly competitive market. The software’s capabilities in monitoring calls, managing stock, and automating reporting processes have become key differentiators for the company.

"The automation and efficiency Tesseract brings to our operations are like having an extra team member dedicated to ensuring our processes run smoothly."


Operational Improvements and Benefits

With Tesseract, SCS Technologies has seen substantial improvements in various areas: 

  • Automated Reporting: The ability to generate accurate, automated reports has streamlined client communication and operational transparency. 
  • Comprehensive Management: From quotes and purchasing to stock control, engineer scheduling, invoicing, and maintenance, Tesseract serves as an all-in-one solution. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automation features like reports have significantly improved operational efficiency, acting like a virtual assistant for the team. 
  • Resource Allocation: The system has enabled smarter deployment of engineers and reduced stock levels through automated management. 
  • Data-Driven Insights: Tesseract’s data analysis tools provide valuable insights into service calls, sales orders, and customer trends, aiding in strategic decision-making. 


SCS Technologies’ 20-year journey with Tesseract is a testament to the power of technology in transforming business operations. By fully embracing and optimising Tesseract’s capabilities, they have not only streamlined their internal processes but also enhanced their value proposition to clients. This strategic partnership with Tesseract has positioned SCS Technologies at the forefront of their industry, ready to tackle future challenges and continue their growth trajectory. 

Tesseract customer - Cryptex

“The way Tesseract has changed our service operation is nothing short of the digital transformation that everyone in the industry is talking about. The automation, the mobility and the seamless lines of communication between us all — it’s exactly what digital transformation is all about.”

Ian Zeff, Co-Founder at Cryptex Security

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